No Whiner Diner given top honors by environment department!

texascaver (tripadvisor Review)
Wide array of menu items and it was all good. There was six of us in our group and we ordered a wide array of food. No complaints and lotsa good comments. They even have superb Rocky Mountain Oysters. Be brave. Try 'em!

Justine A. ( Review)
Awesome food. Exactly what we were hoping for. Our server was so sweet and attentive. Order dessert! The brownie with ice cream was worth it.

pagsnm32 (tripadvisor Review)
Good food, No Whiner Diner is known for its prime rib and catfish dinners, pasta dishes and a variety of sandwiches. It also has at least three different soups daily. The portions are ample and the prices are very reasonable. It is an inviting dining environment. The service is excellent. I have never had a bad meal here.

Mavis C. ( Review)
I love this place. The food is always good, and the soup is to die for.

stash59 (tripadvisor Review)
This place has the best lunch in town. The owner has a beef with local politicians, and posts sarcastic signs outside the place, but it's really a great place to get lunch while you're there.

Beverly J. ( Review)
This is the one must go restaurant for me. I moved out of Carlsbad 5 years ago & it always feels like home at the "no whiner". Love their green chili soup, everything here is made with love, and you will taste the difference. Very friendly service & great food. I love this place. It is unique & special to Carlsbad for all the right reasons.

Clgmaine (tripadvisor Review)
We try to only eat at local restaurants when we travel, and this was one such find. They also support their local fire department. There seemed to be mostly locals and regulars there (always a sign of a good restaurant). We went there once in 2012 and again in 2013, both times with equally good results.

Emily H. ( Review)
It's not the Ritz, but for what it is, No Whiner Diner is fantastic. Fast service, delicious food, and amazing desserts. We went there after sifting through the Yelp reviews, and we were pleasantly surprised. I debated between getting the beer-battered fish and the meatloaf, so I asked the waitress and she told me that the meatloaf is handmade in house, while the fish comes prepared and frozen. I ordered the meatloaf with gravy, and as my son put it, it sent shivers down his spine it was so good. All the adults ordered the mixed vegetables as a side and we expected frozen peas and carrots, instead we were served what looked like fresh vegetables, also well prepared. My husband and father-in-law asked for the fish special, a blackened tuna dish. My father-in-law asked for his on the rare side, and they fixed his as he ordered, while my husband's tuna was indeed the medium rare that he preferred. Nicely done, chef! My younger son ate all his pasta, a rare event, and my older son loved his tuna sandwich. And the desserts were terrific- the mount vesuvius came with enough whipped cream to drown an elephant, and the apple pie had to be local and fresh.

My six year old is planning to be a food critic when he grows up and he rates the restaurant a 10 on his scale, which is as good as it gets (and he's a much harsher critic than I, so good job!)

105Mike (tripadvisor Review)
2nd time to eat here and this visit was just as good as the first. Friendly staff, very fast service and better than average food. I had the chicken fried steak and it was very good!

Bri K. ( Review)
I was very skeptical at first because when you walk in the place looks a little strange with desk chairs used as dining chairs. But after getting the food I was amazed at how good it was. My boyfriend ordered the meat loaf which I've never really liked, but he had me try it, It was absolutely amazing. We both agreed that it was the best meat loaf we have ever had. I had the avocado and sprouts sandwich that was also great. The wait staff was attentive and kind. I would definitely go back if I was ever in Carlsbad again.

llagonne66 (tripadvisor Review)
We didn't whine so we didn't pay the 5$ whining penalty ! That was a great place to eat in Carlsbad. Typical Mom and Pop diner that we Europeans do appreciate when in the States. Good food, friendly service and fair prices.

Travel_Forster (tripadvisor Review)
This is a fun and funky Mom and Pop operation with a friendly, tongue-in-cheek attitude. The food arrived very quickly after ordering and was fresh and tasty. The staff was friendly and service prompt. Everyone in our party enjoyed their meal. My salad was fresh and the ranch dressing appeared home made, with a better taste. My blackened chicken was juicy and full of flavor. The decor is simple and the prices very good. The next time I am in Carlsbad, the no-whiner diner will definitely be on the itinerary!

Michele S. ( Review)
Really great place to eat in Carlsbad. Fast service and food is home style. All portions are big. My mom enjoyed the seafood pasta and said it was the best she has had. The meatloaf was good and a large portion.

judogym (tripadvisor Review)
My wife and i eat here every once in awhile. She loves prime rib and i love blackened catfish! The soups are the best i have ever is family dining but the chef is carlsbads best kept secret. Odd hours make it difficult to plan around but definitely worth a stop when you see it open!

michael n (tripadvisor Review)
The food was good old fashioned diner style. Large portions, clean and quick, prices were reasonable. Check the hours they are closed part of the afternoon and reopen around 5pm.

DeeGist (tripadvisor Review)
Great place to stop and eat! Homey atmosphere with great comfort food! Tuna salad was awesome. Vegetables were fresh! You have to ask for the deserts but I think that is because they are so good they are under lock and key!! Lol... I am still dreaming of the cobbler!! Must eat here!!

Cate K. ( Review)
Atmosphere is of a nice small diner. The food is a quality of a nice restaurant. The menu does change so they have some good specials. The hours are limited but typical of Carlsbad. Apple pie is a must if they have it on the menu. It is so so good!

Martin_Kristian (tripadvisor Review)
Looks like it was family owned, the waiters and servants was so friendly, we almost felt like visiting in-laws members of the family. We got so much food for so little money, that we could have eaten here for a couple of days in a row. Really recommendable.

natlehtx (tripadvisor Review)
Their Summer Pasta was surprisingly delicious! And I like the atmosphere of the restaurant: very friendly. Great dining experience!

Hermit58 (tripadvisor Review)
Very clean restaurant with excellent menu, great specials, cooks who care that you're going to be eating the dish, and good service. You get what you pay for, so don't expect fast food prices. Always has very clean inspections by the state, as shown in the local paper. Nice job, guys!

RRBar (tripadvisor Review)
Great find in Carlsbad! Home made bread daily, home made desserts. Everything made fresh to order. I had the Salsa Pasta because it sounded so different. It was tasty!! My partner had the Roast beef and gravy - he enjoyed it! I had a fruit pie with ice cream for dessert - home made of course, and it was awesome! Nothing fancy, and the service and food is great! Also great people watching as this is where the locals go.

Siesta102008 ( Review)
Wonderful family restaurant in Carlsbad. After a series of eating at bad restaurants finally found this place. Reasonable prices, Great Food, good service. Great place for families.

Rick S. ( Review)
Absolutely the best restaurant in Carlsbad. Everytime I visit Carlsbad, I make a point to visit this restauant. Carlsbad itself is prrey pathetic, but this restaurant is clearly a shining star. So the name is a bit corny, but the great food more than makes up for it. This place's soups are amazing (particularly the mexican chicken veg). One visit, I literally ordered 3 cups of soup for dinner and they were all delicious. The staff was extremely helpful and accomadating, only serving one soup at a time so each came piping hot. Definitely a must visit.

Charlotte Best ( Review)
I lived for more than 40 yrs. in Orange County, Ca., and had yrs of opportunities to dine at the beach restaurants, many of them 5 star. I now live in the Phoenix area of Arizona and have many fine dining opportunities here also, but I have never had food that tasted as good as the food at the NO WHINER DINER. The prime rib is 5star plus as is the key lime pie. The atmosphere is warm and very clean. The waitresses are friendly, fast and accurate with your order. The hostess is exceptionally sweet and very cute, as is her husband the chef!! This is a must do if you are going to be in Carlsbad. I would recommend it over the caverns any day.

"This is a fine diner. The food is good and fairly priced. The service is good. And the atmosphere is comfortable...just like comfort food they serve."

"Best service in town! My favorite eats are the prime rib, prime rib sandwich, and the curry chicken salad. I don't know why I keep ordering soup though when it's never really that good. Don't forget Key Lime Pie for dessert!"

"No Whiner Diner is one of my most favorite places to eat, they have a very clean place, nice atmosphere, and friendly staff. I also love the signs they put up they are really funny and they make perfect sense. Way to go guys, keep up the good work."

"Eat here, you will not regret it! If you like healthy, fresh ingredients, expertly prepared, you will love this place as much as we did. During our visit to Carlsbad NM, we didn't know what to expect at the No Whiner Diner Cafe, except a restaurant with a clever name. We were thrilled to experience prompt and friendly service, fresh and tasty ingredients, and clean and contemporary decor."

"Better than average diner food with one true vegetarian choice and all the pasta dishes can be veggie. This seems like a place the Sterns (Road Food editors) would like. The restaurant features a special huge steak, probably local, a few nights a week at a decent price."

"One of the best spots in town to have a nice meal that is not fast food. I recommend the Prime Rib. You receive a generous cut of beef, and always cooked the way you want it. They also make homemade soups and desserts."

"The portions were generous. The waitresses were very friendly. The food was served quickly. The menu had a large selection and the place was very busy for a Wed. evening. It appears to be very popular with the locals. The atmosphere was casual but a little nicer than the average diner. We would give this place another try but would order something different. The sandwich menu looked appetizing but we never got the opportunity to return for lunch."

"I suggested the place to my brother based upon the yahoo users ratings. He said, "The chicken fried steak was the bomb. The place was spotless, and the waitresses were hot." Hope you have the same experience."

"This was certainly not "diner" food in the traditional sense. My husband and I both had pasta dishes, which were excellent and outrageously inexpensive. The service was great, just get there early. They stop serving at 8PM."

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