We at the No Whiner Diner take pride in the quality, cleanliness, service and freshness of our products. We offer a sixty item menu with an incredibly diverse format. We adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Our Soups, dressings, sauces and vegetables are prepared daily to ensure the freshest high quality food available. If we make a mistake in the temperature of your meat or fish, we will gladly fix and replace your food at our expense.

If you choose to try something new or different (which we encourage) diversity is one of our goals. Please understand that we are unable to cover the cost of an experiment on your part, our menu clearly states “THE NO WHINER DINER IS NOT RESPOSIBLE FOR BAD DECISIONS MADE IN YOUR LIFE.”

We are a simple “Mom & Pop” business without any corporate sponsorship. We provide old fashioned, home made products prepared with love and a dedication to safety. We mean no offense to you personally and we hope your dining experience is as enjoyable as it is to us to provide.

We moved to Carlsbad in February of 1997 with our boys, Raybeau and James from Key West, Florida and took various jobs until the opportunity came to open the “No Whiner Diner” in December of 2000. We have been blessed beyond measure, had many ups and downs, and met some really wonderful people. Our staff has become family. We are proud to work with them and share this experience with them. We want those of you who dine with us to know how much we appreciate you and thank you for the chance to serve you.

Ray & Martha Richardson

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